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Recent Clients and Testimonials

Stepping Stone Projects

Stepping Stone Projects is a medium sized charity that’s tackling homelessness in the Northwest of England. For this client, I edited the copy from their original website and managed the transfer to their new one. I also improved their H1s to H3s and wrote new sections of copy for their website.

Visit Website: www.stepping-stone.org.uk

Safety Management Limited

SML is a large safety management consultancy firm based in Daventry, Northants. For this client, I rewrote existing copy, managed the copy transfer to their new website and wrote a number of press releases. 

Visit Website: safety-management.co.uk

The Sutasoma Trust 

The Sutasoma Trust is a UK based charity that supports a wide range of humanitarian projects throughout the world. For this client, I wrote the primary website copy and restructured descriptions for over thirty supported projects.

Visit Website: sutasoma.org


HAIL is a non-profit care organisation based in Haringey, London. For this client, I restructured primary page copy for improved readability, better site navigation and a boost in SEO. 

Visit Website: hailltd.org

The Sofronie Foundation

Sofronie is one of the UK's largest social mobility foundations. For this client, I edited and restructured all of the primary page copy and rewrote over twenty project descriptions. 

Visit Website: sofronie.org

Making the Connection 

Making the Connection is a dog behaviour specialist based in Wiltshire that takes quite a unique approach to their training. For this client, I wrote the homepage copy and advised on SEO.

Visit Website: making-the-connection.co.uk

Children Change Colombia

Children Change Colombia is a UK based charity that works with street children in Colombia. I helped them with their on-page SEO strategy and updated their homepage copy during a name changeover from Children of the Andes to Children Change Colombia.  

Visit Website: childrenoftheandes.org

Friendly Creatures

Friendly Creatures is a dog and puppy training service based in Walthamstow. For this client, I rewrote the homepage copy to give it a bit more bite, and boosted their on-page SEO.  

Visit Website: friendly-creatures.co.uk

Louise Collins: Voice Communication Coach

Louise Collins is a London based voice communication coach who was having some difficulty being heard. I rewrote her homepage copy and improved her on-page SEO for better all-round site performance.

Visit Website: louisecollinsvoice.com

Helen George: Telephone Counselling

This client needed some help getting her ideas into words, and some advice with SEO. We worked together on this project to create engaging page copy and develop an on-page SEO strategy. 

Visit Website: counsellingbytelephone.co.uk


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