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About me

Before ... 

Over the last 20 years, I've been employed as a TEFL teacher, a private tutor and as a business correspondence advisor to a large jewellery manufacturer in the Far East. Closer to home, I've worked in construction, removals and as a full-time content writer for one of the UK’s largest SEO companies. 

And now 

As well as working as a full-time freelance website copywriter for businesses, I also collaborate on writing projects with Suspire Media, a UK based website development company that specialises in charities, trusts and NGOs.

The personal stuff

I'm a bit of an obsessive cyclist, so over the winter period I pack up my laptop and travel with my trusty mountain bike to the Himalayas or the hills of Northern Thailand. There, I split my time between working on client projects, riding trails and exploring new areas, looking for fresh adventure cycling challenges.

When I'm not gallivanting around Asia with my mountain bike, I live in a small market town in North Wiltshire, living the relatively quiet life of a freelance website copywriter.

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